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“DON BOSCO IS MORE ALIVE THAN EVER!” – Rector Major message about Aleppo

THEY TELL ME THAT IN ALEPPO DON BOSCO IS MORE ALIVE THAN EVER! ALL THE SALESIANS HAVE REMAINED THERE, AND THEY BEAR THE REFLECTION OF THE FATHER WHOM WE LOVE Dear Friends, readers and my dear Salesian Family, I write this first greeting of the New Year to you with Don Bosco in mind, given his feast day is in January, and after having

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Syria – The war has destroyed hearts, but among the young people there is an unshakable faith

(ANS – Aleppo) – The headlines of many newspapers around the world report the plight of the Syrian people. “No one cries for Syria”, “The world does not react to a human disaster greater than that of Rwanda”. “Nobody cares what happens to us Syrians, even when bombs devastate our homes and our children are dying. No one does anything to

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