Preventive System

don bosco salesiani 4The preventive system is a faith and value-based educational system which was developed by Don Bosco during the 19th century. It is the unifying educational basis for working with youth in the worldwide Don Bosco Movement. This educational system has proven to be a successful model and inspiration for educators on different continents, in multicultural and multi-religious contexts over the centuries. As such, its implementation is the point of reference and measure of authenticity for being part of the Don Bosco Movement.
Working within this global context it is important that the preventive system is adapted to the cultural context of each educational and pastoral community (i.e. provinces, houses, local works). Therefore each province develops a “Provincial Salesian Educative and Pastoral Project”, which includes the objectives, strategies and guidelines for the Salesian work within that province. This document then serves as a basis for each house or work to develop its own “Salesian Educative and Pastoral Project”. This is an action plan on how to implement the preventive system within their local setting.
On global level the Salesian Youth Ministry department of the Salesian congregation has published the “Salesian Youth Ministry Frame of Reference”. This publication as a resource for inspiration and a tool offering action guidelines for all “Educative and Pastoral Communities” to develop their “Salesian Educative and Pastoral Projects”, respecting both their cultural context as well as the basis foundations of the preventive system.