Don Bosco International is working in several fields of European advocacy based on the knowledge of a big number of experts from all around Europe which have contributed whether with their practical experience or with theoretical expertise to the development of Salesian policies

Fruit of the research and practical experience of several authors we offer you articles on topics of interest at European level from the Salesian perspective.

Next Generation Edu  – Education for the Future of Europe (2021)

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Don Bosco Movement is well-known for the promotion of good readings and printing books. Don Bosco International follows this same principle and shares with you some titles and abstract of Salesian experts who have published books recently focused on social inclusion, migrations, youth, and a long etcetera.

Next Generation Edu – Education for the Future of Europe (2021)

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Advocacy from a Salesian Perspective (2020)

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The Journey of DBI – 2015-2018


DBI Prestige Leaflet (2016)

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