Manifesto on child poverty and social inclusion in the EU

DBI co-signed the Child Manifesto, co-drafted within the EU Alliance for Investing in Children and signed by 150 MEPs, to call on EU Member States to:

  1. Develop comprehensive Child Guarantee Action Plans that will be regularly reviewed.
  2. Set ambitious national targets to halve child poverty by 2030 and make sure that all children are counted.
  3. Ensure the meaningful participation of children, of relevant multi-sectoral stakeholders – such as local communities and civil society organisations – as well as of parents and carers in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Child Guarantee Council Recommendation.
  4. Ensure that the Child Guarantee properly feeds into the European Semester process and the country-specific recommendations.
  5. Ensure a more comprehensive approach to the services provided under the Child Guarantee in the areas of nutrition and leisure activities.
  6. Ensure coherence and complementarity between the Child Guarantee and the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child.

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