Italy – “Space over Time” Project

(ANS – Turin) – “SPACE OVER TIME. Places of work, paths of growth” is an innovative project that involves diverse Salesian realities in promoting the work placement of disadvantaged young people and in developing innovative actions of educative type and accompaniment for their insertion in the labour world.

The project involves the commitment of the department for Vocational Training and Salesian Youth Ministry of the Special Circumscription of Piedmont and Aosta Valley (ICP), the IUSTO Salesian University, the School of Civil Economy, the “ENAIP” network of services for training and work and the “AIPEC” Italian Association of entrepreneurs for an Economy of Communion.

“It was quite some time that the department for Youth Ministry was working on some projects with the office of CNOS-FAP of Piedmont and so we tried to create a significant network in the metropolitan area of Turin” explained Fr. Stefano Mondin, the Delegate for Youth Ministry of ICP.

The project, born as a response to a call of the ‘Compagnia di San Paolo’, implies a peculiar challenge for the Salesians: creating a new educative figure of accompaniment for the youth who enter the labour world, not only a tutor who “finds the place where to do the training or the stage”, but a figure that accompanies from an educative viewpoint the time/work of the youth and also of the firm that employs them.

“The young often already have good practical skills, but they are still fragile in the so called soft skills – Fr. Mondin explains –. Here it is that we would like to act, supporting them and laying the foundations for a significant educational strengthening”.

In practical terms, the project aims at finding employment in one year for 185 socially underprivileged youth. These young people will be proposed a vocational training journey, a strengthening of soft skills, the recognition of some formative paths on the theme of labour and safety and the insertion in the labour world or at least a training period of at least four months.

This is the condition for the funding of the call, that will allow other important project components: the formation of formators and educators together, the research of the university on the needs qualitative and not only quantitative needs of the firms, the study of the new educative figure of accompaniment. This aims at meeting the needs of the firms and at producing a positive impact of the labour world on the young.

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