High-level Presidency Conference on the European Child Guarantee in Prague

On the 7th  and 8th of July 2022, the incumbent and the future Executive Secretary of Don Bosco International had both the pleasure to attend the High-level Presidency Conference on Child Support in the Context of the Child Guarantee organized by the Czech Presidency of the EU in Prague. 

During the conference, both national and European institutions’ representatives and civil society organisations had the opportunity to share points of reflections and expertise on protection and social inclusion of children. 

According to Eurostat data, in Europe one out of four children is currently at risk of poverty. Civil organisations underlined the urgency of actions needed to face child poverty in the context of our current and future global challenges. During speakers’ interventions, it emerged that climate change and international conflicts, such us the war in Ukraine, highly decrease chances to guarantee children’s human rights like safety, education, housing, and health care including mental health. 

Don Bosco International contributed to the discussion about integration and ways of breaking social exclusion in the panel focusing on Education.

DBI’s recommendations included: 

  • investing in quality Vocational Educational and Training (VET); 
  • preventing segregation in education;
  • investing in non-formal and informal education as complementary to school-based education;
  • supporting teachers and youth workers through trainings and intercultural skills; 
  • promoting a localized multi-stakeholders approach. 

Moreover, young people had the possibility to publicly intervene in the conference, sharing their points of view, their need to be heard, and their will to actively participate within society. 

On this same occasion, Don Bosco International visited Jabok, a Salesian educational institute that provides training and qualification for future professionals in the fields of social pedagogy, social work, and theology. It was a great pleasure to meet Jabok’s director, Mrs Hana Pazlarova, with whom both the incumbent and the future Executive Secretary of DBI exchanged ideas for possible future support and collaboration.

DBI will remain engaged in field of children’s social inclusion, monitoring the implementation of National Action Plans on Child Guarantee, and wishing that they be published soon by all European Member States. 

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