DBI attends the final event of the Civil Society Convention for the Conference on the Future of Europe

On the 21st and 22nd of March 2022 Don Bosco International attended the on-site final event in Brussels of the Civil Society Convention for the Conference on the Future of Europe. Founded in February 2021, the Convention actively engages in scrutinizing the democratic functioning of the Conference on the Future of Europe, ensuring genuine involvement of citizens and representative associations in this process.

This two-day event was organised by Civil Society Europe that brought together over 82 European networks and platforms with constituencies all over Europe and inviting MEPs, professionals, network organisations, national organisations with the aim to present the Final Recommendation output of five thematic clusters: democracy, digital transformation, the fight against climate change and environmental challenges, our European life and social Europe. The voice of civil society groups will be in the end brought to Strasbourg for the last stages of the CoFoE.

We are happy to have contributed together with 20+ European Civil Society Organisationsto to the drafting of the recommendations enshrined in the social Europe cluster with respect to education, training and lifelong learning and youth rights & intergenerational solidarity.

Participating in such a process does not automatically means that participants endorse all the recommendations that were provided by the organizations who contributed to the process. There was not a voting process at the end of the presentation of each cluster’s recommendations like in the COFOE citizens’ panel. DBI is therefore satisfied with the level of the recommendations on youth rights and their social inclusion, though we are not endorsing all the recommendations included in the CSOCOFOE’s Final report.

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