DBI attends the DB WAVE Final Conference in Seville

The 28th April 2022, the Executive Secretary of DBI and our Advocacy Trainee had the pleasure to attend the DB WAVE (Don Bosco Web for a More Inclusive VET in Europe) Final Conference at the SMX Provincial House – Inspectoria Salesiana Maria Auxiliadora in Seville (Spain) with the possibility to follow the event via youtube mainstream. The Conference agenda included the presentation of general objectives and and impact achieved of the DB WAVE project which came to an end this month. Moreover, we had the pleasure to know more about the design and the functioning of specific tools such as the Tracking Graduate Database, JSO Guidelines, the Salesian Mobility Charter and so on. An important pillar of the Conference was the presentation of the impact, the strategy and the final publication on the path towards the establishment of a DB Tech Europe, followed by interventions about lessons learnt and possible added values for the upcoming DB Tech Europe network.

The final event was preceded by two days (26-27th April) of discussions and updates about Don Bosco VET in Europe in 2021-22 together with our DB WAVE partners such as CNOS-FAP (Italy), Fundación Tech Don Bosco (Spain), Association Maisons Don Bosco – AMDB (France), Spanish Province of the Salesians of Don Bosco “Maria Auxiliadora” – SMX (Spain), Szalézi Intézmény Fenntartó – SZIF (Hungary), DBOC – Don Bosco Onderwijs Centrum (Belgium) and the German Province of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Salesian VET is well known in Europe, universally recognized by national and European stakeholders as a quality brand endorsed by organizations that provide all levels holistic education and quality employment to the most vulnerable youth. According to the assessment done in 2021 on all the European VET Centres, the avereage of the Salesian students’ formative success in Europe is the 88,5%: after one year from their qualification/diploma, the 34,46% of qualified students have a stable occupation/job, the 54% is continuing their studies towards a diploma or a higher VET path, while only the 7,3% is still unemployed.

In the end, the project turned out to be ambitious and successful in objectives and outcomes, as the numbers speak out. Although the presence and the positive impact Salesian VET is having in Europe, we look forward to establishing a formally recognized DB Tech Europe network.

Three publications were made available on the DB WAVE official website to our community and to those interested:
– DB WAVE project final brochure
– The JOB SERVICE OFFICES OF THE SALESIAN VET CENTRES IN EUROPE: operational guidelines, quality standards and tools for European VET providers
– Towards a DB Tech Europe: a Don Bosco Network of Vocational Excellence

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