Turin – DBI at the 12th Meeting of Salesian Euro-project planners 2022

The twelfth meeting of Salesian Euro-project planners was held this year in Turin-Valdocco on Nov. 16-19, 2022. Promoted by the Youth Ministry Sector, with 116 participants, the program included training on the Erasmus call for proposals, exchange of good practices, meeting of European Salesian schools to collaborate on the same project idea, presentation of “DB Tech Europe,” institutional partners and companies. The coordinator of the work was Ivan Toscano, reference person for the “DB Tech Europe” of the Youth Ministry Sector.

There are three purposes of this network born in 2013. The first is to develop and consolidate the Salesian network, to increase the capacity to cooperate as partners in local, national, and transnational spheres, raising awareness of opportunities in education and training in Europe. Second, to offer methodologies and tools for the optimal management of collaborative European projects on topics such as active citizenship, social inclusion, and the promotion of European values of democracy and solidarity. Last, foster training workshops to learn the rudiments of European project design and try their hand at writing projects in response to calls for European funding.

“As Salesians, we have moved in Europe thanks to meticulous networking with different local, provincial, national, and European realities, from which fruitful collaborations have emerged,” network leaders explained. From its origin to today, the group of participants has expanded, extended its network, and participated in planning with many proposals concerning the following key issues: Education and training; Youth employment; Social inclusion of vulnerable people; Participation of young people in democratic life; Support and integration of third-country nationals; Intercultural dialogue and mutual knowledge; Intergenerational relations; Environmental sustainability.”

In their free time, the Euro-project planners participated in a guided tour of Valdocco and Don Bosco Hill, as well as a walk through the historic center of Turin. The meeting was organised on-site by the Salesian Youth Ministry of Piedmont, Aosta Valley, and Lithuania, in collaboration with the National Center for Salesian Works – Ongoing Vocational Training (CNOSF-FAP) of the Piedmont Region.

During the first morning session DBI presented its advocacy mission in Europe and it updated the participants about the current EU policies and opportunities in the field of education and training.

Source: infoans.org

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