Between hope and fear

“I am only sixteen. It shouldn’t be necessary for me to write this letter. There shouldn’t be a need to plead for safety, for humanity.”


Farhamand is a sixteen years old young man. This letter tells his personal story as a young refugee from Afghanistan and expresses his heartfelt sentiments about the current situation in his country. As you read this letter, you will feel the emotions of a boy experiencing things he should not have to endure at this stage of his life.

Farhamand has invested a great deal of time and energy in writing this letter. Psychologically, recounting his entire journey has not always been easy for him. He has literally poured his heart and soul into it.

He did not write this letter solely to draw attention to his personal situation but to help other young people worldwide who are enduring similar hardships. He wants to give all these young people a voice. We greatly admire the courage and strength of this boy. His story has deeply touched us.

With this letter, we hope raise awareness so that people will support and assist Farhamand and other young people in similar situations. In his letter, Farhamand makes several clear recommendations, which have drawn the attention of several policymakers.

Don Bosco International and VIA Don Bosco are two organizations within the Salesian family working to empower the voiceless and promote inclusive child participation. We focus particularly on children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds, at risk of poverty and social marginalization, who lack opportunities to express themselves in public forums.

As an organization inspired by the values of Saint John Bosco, we believe that every child has the right to fulfill their potential in line with their experiences and talents. We believe in inclusive and fair youth participation, empowering young people to speak up for the voiceless.

This letter is the only true representation of Farhamand’s story. To ensure authenticity, no words have been altered.

Farhamand’s letter (English)

Lettre de Farhamand (French)

Farhamand’s brief (Dutch)

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