Belgium – DBI committed to the construction and dissemination of a Europe for all

(ANS – Brussels) – “Europe is at a crossroads, and the future of European cooperation and the benefits derived from it are in danger. At stake is the future of the planet and the kind of Europe in which our children will grow.” For this reason, Don Bosco International joined another 176 European and national institutions, in a manifesto published Monday 12 September at the Bratislava summit.

The manifesto can be read in full in English on the new site of the DBI – – the body which aims to raise awareness and spread the institutional work carried out by the Salesian Congregation in the Brussels office, with the European institutions and other parties involved in building a more inclusive Europe for all.

“Too many people in Europe are dissatisfied and disappointed by the European Union and feel distant from its institutions and its policies.” The work of DBI seeks to bring the provinces closer to each other and especially the young people who attend the Salesian works, to promote active citizenship, as well as promoting Don Bosco.

For this reason, DBI is committed, along with other national entities and European and international organizations, to participate and work towards a Europe that is inclusive, open, fair, sustainable, and that works for people of every age, background and nation.


Common statement – A new Europe for people planet and prosperity for all

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