Belgium – “Alto El Fuego” Manuel and Catalina meet the High Representative of the European Commission Federica Mogherini

Brussels, Belgium – 7 February 2017 – Among the meetings of “Misiones Salesianas” and “Don Bosco International”  for the presentation of the documentary “Alto el Fuego” in Brussels, the most important was the meeting with the High Representative of the European Commission, Ms. Federica Mogherini.  For an hour,  she listened to the stories of Manuel and Catalina, the protagonists of the documentary, and asked questions to get to know their dreams and hopes for a future of peace in Colombia. Fr Rafael Berajano, shared with Dr. Mogherini the need to focus European Union efforts on those projects that already have an acknowledged impact in the reintegration of children released by armed groups, as is the case of “Ciudad Don Bosco”.  Dr. Mogherini, along with her team attended the meeting and pledged to be more involved in the peace process that is taking place in Colombia. At the end of the meeting Ms. Mogherini said: “this meeting was a great gift, the best meeting of the busy weekly agenda.”

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