Africa-EU Partnership – A joint report co-promoted by DBI

In view of the upcoming EU-Africa Summit, DBI and other 6 Brussels-based partners gathered policy-makers, Church representatives, and many more stakeholders from the EU and different African countries in a webinar that took place on the 15th of October 2020 to discuss ways to foster the people-centred dimension of the EU-Africa framework. Today the seven partners and co-organizers are issuing a joint Report of such initiative.

The Webinar, entitled “Fostering human security and resilience in the future EU-Africa partnership”, shed light on the importance of supporting and promoting the role of local and faith actors and communities as significant contributors to these objectives. 

The digital event offered EU officials and the broader European civil society, the possibility to listen to testimonies from six different African countries illustrating ways in which local actors are playing a key role in building resilience and human security. 

Among the other speakers, a representative from the network of Don Bosco Tech Africa, Mr Samuel Mwangi (entrepreneur and past pupil of Don Bosco Boys Town, Nairobi), shared his personal story of resilience through VET. Indeed, Vocational Education and Training is a key dimension of Africa-EU Partnership. Therefore, EU-funded projects supporting mobility for VET students and trainers between the two continents, such as SAAM (Supporting Alliance for African Mobility), are very important for the future of this partnership.

The event was co-organised by DBI with COMECECommunity of Sant’EgidioCIDSECaritas EuropaAEFJN and the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Download the Report.

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