Our activities

Institutional Representation

Institutional Representation Don Bosco International takes part in very diverse events: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Round-Tables, Presentations, Reception…both in Brussels and other European cities. Our purpose is to deliver the message decided by our members, promote and search partners for the Salesian projects and best practices done at local, regional and national level, and of course defend the rights of young people, especially those in risk of social exclusion, or already excluded.

Meetings of Experts

Meetings of Experts Don Bosco International wants to change the causes that exclude young people from society, therefore it is crucial to develop the advocacy messages and deep reflection based on the expertise of Salesian practitioners, coming from varied backgrounds. In order to do so, Don Bosco International coordinates the daily work of several Expert Groups on extremely important topics for our action at local and national level, such as:

  • Poverty
  • Migration
  • Technical Education
  • Participation and active citizenshipfoto salesiani 15

Support to Salesian local realities in Brussels

Don Bosco International is focused on promoting European values through all the opportunities (visits, projects, funding, access to networks) that public Institutions offer to civil society to promote European Union.

We intend to promote these opportunities amongst all Salesian presences, and support their stay in Brussels by:

  • Facilitating visits to European Institutions to young people from Schools, T-VET Centres, Youth Centres and Social Inclusion projects
  • Make the link to Erasmus+ projects dealing with decision makers and fostering actions of Structured Dialogue between young people and policy makers
  • Co-organize and co-host activities of Salesian organizations in the framework of Brussels such as round-tables, seminars, book and research presentations…

Support to International Salesian Networks

Don Bosco Movement is very varied and organized through several NGOs and international platforms which are focused in specific topics such as Youth Work (Don Bosco Youth Net), Development (Don Bosco Network), PGS – international (Sport) and much more national civil society organizations.

Don Bosco International offers them support and training when doing advocacy in the European Institutions and civil society. For doing so we:

  • Offer presentations about several topics: European Institutions, Salesian projects in specific fields, etc…
  • Provide updated information on interesting fields of advocacy
  • Take part in other networks activities as experts
  • Mentor and provide support to new representatives of these organizations when approaching the field of advocacy
  • Develop project ideas together