Instituto Cervantes – Presentation Documentary Alto El Fuego

Instituto Cervantes – Presentation Documentary Alto El Fuego

2017-02-07 18:00 - 2017-02-07 20:00

Misiones Salesianas, Salesian Missionary Procure of Madrid presents on Monday 6th February, in Brussels, the documentary “Alto el Fuego” (Cease Fire) on the process of personal rehabilitation and social reintegration of Child Soldiers implemented by the Salesians.

Deprived of education for years, the minors that have been driven away from the conflict are hosted in the Salesian house “Ciudad Don Bosco” of Medellin, that in the last 14 years accompanied over 2.300 ex child soldiers. The programme “Construyendo sueños” (Constructing Dreams) welcomes them, cares for their rehabilitation and educates them, helping them to overcome the traumas they suffered through a pedagogy of trust, transforming their fears into the desire of learning, and teaching them a profession so that they may reintegrate in the society and reunite with their families.

The documentary “Alto el Fuego”, directed by Raul de la Fuente, traces in 21 minutes the fears, dreams and hopes of the protagonists, Catalina and Manuel. It recounts their entry in the guerrilla warfare, the phase of de-militarization, the process of personal reconstruction in the Salesian house and their dreams of a future of peace and as actors and constructors of that same peace. “I want to buy a small house… no, a big house! I want to go to University, to think big…”, says Catalina who has just obtained her diploma in Graphic Arts at Ciudad Don Bosco.

Catalina and Manuel, young people delivered from FARC in Colombia; Rafael Bejarano, Salesian and Director of “Ciudad Don Bosco” in Medellin; and James Areiza, educator and responsible for the Programmes of Child Protection at “Ciudad Don Bosco” in Medellin will also be present.